Dinner at Gaucho's

My friend Emem recently celebrated her 22nd birthday, and so she invited her friends (mostly from the Journalism school) to have dinner at Gaucho's Steakhouse-Churrascaria, which is probably the only Brazilian restaurant in town. The thought of eating there did not particularly excite me, since it's mostly a meat place (it is a steakhouse, after all). However, I was a bit excited because they have drink specials, and they have $10 pitchers of Champagne Sangria which I think is delicious.

All their grilled meals came with a salad bar. I had the shrimp skewer, since my choices were very limited. It was very garlicky, and not particularly memorable.

I liked the salad bar though, because it didn't just have the usual ingredients that you see in other restaurants. I liked the tuna salad and the sundried tomatoes in particular. I also enjoyed the flourless chocolate cake that I had for dessert.

The biggest downer of the night was getting my bill. When it first arrived, there was a mistake in the check, and I had to send it back three times, because they found a way to make a new error each time I sent it back. All this going back and forth of the bill ate up an extra 30 minutes at the very least. Most of our friends had already left by the time it was all settled. It was a good thing I was pleasantly full and wasn't in any particular rush to go anywhere. Otherwise I would have been really ticked off.

10 Southampton Drive
Columbia, MO 65203


  1. TERRIBLE SERVICE, NEVER GO TO GAUCHO'S!!! I just went to Gaucho's last night and it was the worst service I've ever experienced in my life. When I asked my waitress for my check, she failed to deliver it. 30 minutes later, I began searching the restaurant for her. When I found her, she told me there was a $10 minimum for credit cards. When I asked her if she could wave the $10 minimum due to the 30 minute delay, she called me ignorant, ran my credit card and told me never to come back. After I left, one of my friends, who was still at Gaucho's, called me and told me our waitress, KRYSTAL if you do decide to go there, had come outside and started telling them that I had gone off on her. My waitress called me ignorant, told me never to come back and discussed our dispute with other customers, all after she had failed to deliver me check for over 30 minutes. TERRIBLE SERVICE, NEVER GO TO GAUCHO'S!!!

  2. I myself never went back there. I didn't want to repeat the 30-minute wait for the check that I had in the past.


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